About us

Elite is a young and dynamic company born to realize flexible and with everyone means’ solutions. Passion, quality, elegance, armony, technology, research, efficiency are our strong points to face the continuous evolution of the market.

Passion. The key word to realize new, affordable and long lasting projects.
Quality. Fundamental dowry to grow the product and to build a door that could perfectly combine with the surrounding space.
Elegance. Modern and classic fused in a unique concept, to satisfy the more exigent customers.
Armonia. Not to leave anything to chance. With all the required attention to small details.
Tecnology. Using new generation materials, more keen on enviroment respect.
Research. To be up to date, to find ever new and innovative solutions.
Efficiency. Competence and knowledge to solve at their best all the customers’ questions.

Doors do not to divide but to fuse spaces, to create new and light sceneries. All this to give you a young, intense, complete and at the same time sophisticated furniture that adapts to sensibility and flexibility of ideas. All mixed-up, to define original and up-to-date shapes.